Participants' Comments (2016)

Below are some comments from visitors & exhibitors at the previous edition. We hope that you join us next year!

From visitors

Mr. David Ford

Mr. David Ford
Business Development Manager
IoT Innovation-APJ DCS
Intel K.K.

Q What impression do you have about WEARABLE EXPO?
A It's supposed to be the largest expo in the world for wearables and I was amazed at the number of different devices and unique new ideas that people were showing off. And even more than the devices, the number of enabling companies that are here and present and it can't help but grow extensively this coming year. With all the new things that are happening in wearables, this is going to be a big show again next year.
Mr. Colin Kong

Mr. Colin Kong
Deputy Director
Device Business Dept.

Q What impression do you have about WEARABLE EXPO?
A Just now I looked around the whole expo. It was very impressive for me because I found the whole industry now make efforts to co-work to show the new technology even so some new products. I think the wearable industry is new but it's very good potential future for us.
Mr. Youngjun Moon

Mr. Youngjun Moon
Principal Engineer

Q What impression do you have about WEARABLE EXPO?
A Wearables are one of the most important technology which are essential to develop our electronic products. WEARABLE EXPO is a valuable exhibition for us because we can find and learn the latest technology and trends.

From exhibitors

Mr. Ryou Jung-Hun

Mr. Ryou Jung-Hun
Senior Manager
Global Marketing Division
Green Optics Co., ltd

Q How is exhibiting in WEARABLE EXPO?
A Of course we met many Japanese visitors, but we also met visitors from overseas such as U.S.A, Philippines and India, and we were able to conduct business meeting with various visitors.
We believe exhibitions are the best ways for marketing, therefore WEARABLE EXPO is an important event for our company.
Mr. Kouhei Nakahara

Mr. Kouhei Nakahara
Corporate Strategy Dept.

Q How is exhibiting in WEARABLE EXPO?
A Not only did we meet our current customers, but we also met new potential customers during the show. We were able to discuss further in detail with companies we already know, and we were able to show our product and technology to discuss further cooperation with companies new to us.

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