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Tour Partners

Here are Travel Agents who organise tours to the 2023 Tokyo show.


DY Business Travel

DY is a leading travel management company in Korea with a reputation as a premier provider of business travel management services.
We provide 4 categories of flexible travel services from individual bookings to formulating your entire business travel management within your organization to ensure its success.
From airfares to hotel bookings, car hire to emergency assistance and travel insurance, our spread of corporate travel management services will streamline your business travel for maximum results.


IDABI Tour Co., Ltd. specializes in overseas exhibitions and company tour training. It is a business-related travel agency that deals with it. Interpretation of Japanese exhibitions for many years
In the beginning, various training sessions were conducted with a sense of presence that has been accumulated over the course of taking on the job. We have mainly conducted field trip programs, and have since expanded the field to participate in overseas exhibitions. More companies and institutions through the process of exhibiting and observing. various associations and We are  building relationships. Not the best travel agency, but always the best As a travel agency, we always try our best to impress even after the event.

For Travel Agents

Are you interested in becoming a Tour Partner of 2023 Tokyo show?
Please contact Show Management for details.


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