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Exhibit Profile

Wearable Device Area
  -    Smart Glasses, Smartwatches, Smart wear, Smart bands, Healthcare devices, Head Mounted Displays, Other smart devices (rings, necklaces, etc).
       Special Exhibit Zones inside Wearable Device Area : Healthcare Zone, Facility Management Zone, Production Efficiency Zone

Development Technology Area

  -    Electronic Components
  -    High Performance Materials
  -    Electronics Materials
  -    Manufacturing Equipment
  -    Displays
  -    Processing Technologies
  -    Batteries, Power Supply Technologies/Development Tools         etc.

Visitor Profile

Manufacturers of the following

  • Smart Glasses
  • Smart Watch
  • Smart Wear
  • Activity Trackers
  • Healthcare Device

Companies considering installation of wearable device

  • Medical/Welfare/Healthcare
  • Entertainment, Service, Retail
  • Manufacturing/Logistics/Construction
  • Security, Insurance Business



Wearable device users

  • Medical, Welfare, Healthcare
  • Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, Maintenance
  • Entertaionment, Service, Retail,

Wearable device manufacturers

  • R&D
  • Product Planning, Production Technology
  • Purchase, Procurement
  • Testing, Analysis,

If you have queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Organiser: RX Japan Ltd.
WEARABLE EXPO Show Management

TEL : +81-3-6739-4102
E-mail :
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